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+What is short term and who are my tenants?

J Switzer Properties specializes in short term apartment rentals and suites with a number of units available for as little or as much time as you need.

... Maybe you sold your home or are building a new one and need a place to stay for the interim.

... Perhaps you are in a contract position with a new job and need a temporary place to stay.

... Maybe you’re just in town for an occasion and need accommodations for a few days.

Your situation in life determines the length of your stay and we are flexible if your situation happens to change (with a respectful amount of notice, of course). 

+How do I book an apartment?

If you are in need of accommodations for any length of time, give us a call at 519-274-3852 or send an email to us at living@jswitzerproperties.com.  

We will do our best to set you up with what you need for as long as you need it. 

J. Switzer Properties... ... helping you enjoy the blips in life.


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Email: living@jswitzerproperties.com
Phone: 519-274-3852